Dieter Fensel is the director of the STI Innsbruck research group at the University of Innsbruck’s Department of Computer Science. He has written over 300 scientific publications, including books, journals and conference papers, and workshop contributions. As one of the pioneers of research in the Semantic Web, he co-founded major scientific events such as the Extended Semantic Web Conference (ESWC) and the International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC). His research interests currently focus on the development of knowledge graphs and various aspects of the knowledge graph lifecycle. He has successfully applied his research in industry by co-founding companies like seekda (now part of Kognitiv) and Onlim, which are active in e-tourism and online communication.

The book has been co-authored under his guidance, by his team of researchers at STI Innsbruck (Kevin Angele, Elwin Huaman, Elias Kärle, Oleksandra Panasiuk and Umutcan Şimşek) and Onlim GmbH (Alexander Wahler and Ioan Toma).


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